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Monty Kelly, a rich man who lived near Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia decided that he wanted to throw a party. So he invited his buddies including Darel, who lives in the same neighbourhood.

The party was held around the pool in the backyard of Monty's mansion. Everyone was having a good time dancing, eating prawns, oysters and drinking and flirting.

At the height of the party, the host said,

'I have a 16ft man-eating crocodile in my pool and I'll give a million dollars to anyone who has the balls to jump in.'

The words were barely out of Monty's mouth when there was a loud splash and everyone turned around and saw Darel in the pool fighting the croc, jabbing the croc in the eyes with his thumbs, throwing punches, doing all kinds of stuff like head butts and choke holds, biting the croc on the tail and flipping the croc through the air like some kind of Judo Instructor.

The water was churning and splashing everywhere. Both Darel and the croc were screaming and raising hell. Finally Darel strangled the croc and let it float to the top like a dead goldfish.

Darel as a kid
Could this be Darel as a kid practicing for his dive?

Darel then slowly climbed out of the pool. Everybody was just staring at him in disbelief. Then Monty says, 'Well, Darel, I reckon I owe you a million dollars.' 'Nah, it's OK mate, I don't want it,' said Darel.

The rich man said, 'Mate, I have to give you something. You won the bet. How about a new car?'

'No thanks. I don't want it,' answered Darel.

The host said, 'Come on, I insist on giving you something. That was amazing. How about a new Rolex watch and some stock options? Again, Darel said "No."

Confused, the rich man asked, 'Well Darel, then what do you want?

Darel said,

'I just want the bastard who pushed me in.'


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