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Meet Blokeman!!

No doubt most of you have heard the term 'Ocker'. Well an ocker is a kind of Australian equivalent to the American redneck. Wikipedia describes an Ocker as follows :

The term "ocker" is used both as a noun and adjective for an Australian who speaks and acts in an uncultured manner, using a broad Australian accent (or Strine). The typical ocker is "usually found in a blue singlet and rubber thongs with a tinnie in his hand propping up a bar"

Enter Blokeman - the superocker. Now, I don't know where Wikipedia gets off calling us 'uncultured' 'cause Blokeman seems like a nice enough bloke to me. Generous to a tee - sharing his beer and advice. Obviously a model citizen!

If you'd like to see more Blokeman videos - let me know


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