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Australia's Kangaroo and Emu are rarely, if ever, seen to walk backwards. This is why they're on our Coat of Arms.

Always forward - never backward - never give up!!

Australian Coat of Arms

The Australian Coat of Arms is the official symbol of the Commonwealth of Australia.

King Edward VII granted the initial Coat of Arms in 1908, the current Coat of Arms was granted by King George V in 1912.

The shield contains the badge of each Australian state. In the top half from the left the states are New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. In the bottom half from the left the states are South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania.

Above the shield is the Commonwealth Star above a blue and gold wreath, forming the crest. Six of the points on the star represent the original six states, while the seventh point represents the combined territories and any future states of Australia.

The Red Kangaroo and the Emu that support the shield are the unofficial Animal Emblems of Australia. As neither animal can walk backwards they represent progress and an unwillingness to back down.

The background is the Golden Wattle, the National Floral Emblem.

At the bottom is a scroll that contains the name of the Nation of Australia.

Coat of Arms Tattoo
Australian Coat of Arms Tattoo

And for all of you patriots out there - a little pain goes a long way to advertise your wonderful country.

More information on our coat of arms can be found here:

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  • Always thought it was the tastiest coat of arms in the world, hence the title the lucky country. Just dont wave to an emu if you dont want it to follow you home

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