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Kangaroo meat can be purchased from the supermarket, butcher and available on restaurant menus as a leaner and healthier alternative to beef or lamb with a 1-2 percent fat content.

When it comes to good nutrition, kangaroo meat certainly gets the ‘thumbs up’. It’s a terrific source of high-quality protein, low in fat, low in saturated fat and a source of heart-friendly omega-3’s. What’s more, it’s a particularly good source of iron and zinc, plus it contributes valuable amounts of B-group vitamins to our diet. But the nutrition credits don’t stop there!

Kangaroos are open range animals and the meat we eat is not farmed. In fact, kangaroos exist over extensive pastoral areas of Australia and they are harvested in their own environment. Therefore kangaroo meat is never exposed to human intervention, antibiotics, added growth hormones or added chemicals. It’s the ultimate clean meat – the way we were meant to eat it.

Roo meat on sale
Kangaroo meat on sale

Anyone fancy a rooburger??  To read more on the nutritional benefits of this amazing animal visit:

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