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Gosford Glyphs


The Gosford Hieroglyphs, or “Gosford Glyphs” for short, are a series of strange, deep-cut markings on a rock in the Central Coast region of New South Wales.

The “Gosford Glyphs” are located near Kariong, about 60 km north of Sydney, Australia and since their discovery in the 1970s, this set of arguably ancient carvings has achieved widespread notoriety due to their resemblance of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs.

The glyphs are carved into two parallel sandstone walls about 15 m (49 ft) long. They depict boats, chickens, dogs, owls, stick men, a dog’s bone as well as two that appear to be the names of kings, one of them Khufu, the other uncertain. There is also a carving of the ancient Egyptian god Anubis.

Gosford Glyphs
The Gosford Hieroglyphs, or “Gosford Glyphs” for short, are a series of strange, deep-cut markings on a rock in the Central Coast region of New South Wales.

What’s more, the area also seems to have a large, labyrinthine structure of strangely straight caves and tunnels underneath the stone.

Gosford Glyphs labyrinthine structure.
The Gosford Glyphs area seems to have a large, labyrinthine structure of strangely straight caves and tunnels underneath the stone.

Does this mean that ancient Egyptians somehow managed to travel to Eastern Australia, and brought their rock-working tools along for the ride? So, how did they manage that? Was it magic? Were they helped by aliens? Well, it depends on who you ask.  Below is a list for FOR's and AGAINST's in this ongoing saga...

FOR: Steven Strong, the leader of a group of amateur archeologists researching the area, says that the amount of existing evidence (along with a second series of glyphs that his team has recently found) means the area still clearly has many strange mysteries to hide.

AGAINST: Egyptology expert Boyo Ockinga, from Sydney’s Macquarie University, has stated that the site has nothing to do with Egyptians. According to him, the glyphs are poor imitations that were most likely made by Australian soldiers who visited Egypt during World War I and developed a fascination with the culture.

FOR: A team from Egypt’s Khemit School of Ancient Mysticism visited the the site, documented and completed an in depth study.  The team has deemed the Gosford ‘Glyphs legitimate, they believe the scribes who created them accurately used a number of ancient hieroglyphs and ‘grammatical’ variations that were not even documented in Egyptian hieroglyphic texts until 2012. And as hieroglyphics (like any language) evolves over time, the specific style of script used offers a linguistic time-frame that suggests there was an Egyptian presence in Australia at least 2,500 years ago — 500BC or earlier. The translated text is even so detailed as to identify the ancient scribes, by name and occupation.

Khemit School of Ancient Mysticism
A team from Egypt’s Khemit School of Ancient Mysticism visited the the site,

AGAINST: Australian Egyptologist, Professor Naguib Kanawati firmly believes the “intricate” set of hieroglyphs  are not authentic, saying how ancient hieroglyphs within the same panels were of widely different periods in history and some of them were even carved backward.

And on it goes - four decades later!

The Glyphs Translation?..


  1. FOR HIS HIGHNESS, THE PRINCE, from this wretched place in this land, where we were carried by ship. Engraved for the Crown of Lower Egypt, according to God’s word.
  2. My fellow Egyptianscall out from this place in this strange land for the god SUTI.  I, NEFER-DJESEB,Son of KHUFU, king of Upper and Lower Egypt(beloved by Ptah),has brought the god SUTI.
  3. The Prince was kind and benevolent,follower of the SunGod Ra.
  4. For two seasons (eight months) he directed us eastward,weary, but strong to the end.  Always praying, joyful, and smiting insects. He, the servant of God,said God created the insects to protect his people.
  5. I myself am hardened, have gone around hills and deserts,in wind and rain, with no lakes at hand,blessed by the falling nights, when I hide myself,completely out of reach.
  6. In our last camp I cooked fowl on hand, and brought rain,but hurt my back carrying the Golden Falcon Standard, crossing hills, desert and pools of water along the way.
  7. Plants are withering, Land is dying.  Is this our lot from the highest God of the Sacred Mer?
  8. The Sun is pouring down upon our back!  Oh mighty Khepera, this is not what the Oracle has said.  Our Harts are overturned, but not broken.
  9. This Regal person NEFER-TI-RU came from the temple of God in Penu, Egypt.  He came from the House of God.He was the Son of KHUFU, king of Upper and Lower Egypt.
  10. He, who died before, is here laid to rest.  May he have life everlasting.
  11. He is never again to stand beside the waters of the Sacred Mer.  Then clasp him, my Brothers Spirit to thy side, O Father of the Earth.


  1. The snake bit twice.  We, followers of the divine king KHUFU, mighty one of Lower Egypt, Lord of the Two Adzes, we shall not all return. However, we have to continue; we cannot look back.
  2. All creek and river beds are dry, and we are dismayed.  Our boats are tied up with rope.  Death was caused by snake.
  3. We gave egg-yolk from the medicine-chest, and prayed to Amun, the Hidden One, for he was struck twice.
  4. It was a hard time for all of us, weeping over the dead body, and keeping to the protocol.
  5. Seated all aside, our men watched the funeral, with concern and deep love.  How the mummified body was buried in the Red Earth Section.
  6. Then we recovered ourselves.
  7. We walled in the side entrance to the chamber, with stones from all around.  The chamber was aligned with the Western Heavens.
  8. I counted and impounded the daggers of our men.
  9. The three doors of eternity were connected to the rear end of the Royal Tomb, and sealed in.

Source of the translation: Burial site of Lord Nefer-Ti-Ru, by Dr R Jonge

Gosford Glyphs

A few facts

  • While there are claims the glyphs were found at various stages throughout the 20th century, the first official discovery of the site, made by the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS), was in 1983.
  • Geologists have stated the sandstone in which the hieroglyphs were carved erodes quickly. Furthermore, 250-year-old Aboriginal petroglyphs, which are located nearby, show considerably more erosion.
  • In 1983, geologist and rock art conservator of the NPWS, David Lamber, discovered some clean cut glyphs at the site which he estimated to be less than 12 months old.
  • In 1984, Neil Martin, a NPWS ranger who was performing fire management in the area, discovered an old Yugoslav man at the site chipping away with a Sidchrome cold chisel. He said, “because he was mentally handicapped, we took no further action, but I later gave the chisel to the local historical society.  We never saw the old man again.”
  • A sphinx and pyramids are known to have been carved on sandstone in the vicinity by an Australian soldier.

There are literally thousands of articles about the Gosford Glyphs on the internet.  Some are by proponents and true believers in their Egyptian heritage.  Most are dedicated to debunking the theories put forward by those believers.  I guess, when all's said and done, it's up to you to decide...


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