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When I was a kid I loved to play rugby league football. I played it at school, after school, weekends and public holidays.

It's a bit of a rough sport and apart from the occasional headband, players don't wear any sort of padding protection. This resulted in me receiving two broken arms, a broken leg, a broken nose, along with countless cuts, sprains, bruises and lacerations - and all this before I turned 15. Lots of fun!!  And guess what? - no padding at all!!

And don't think the game is just for us blokes. We have some great women's teams as well!

Women's Rugby League
Australian Women's Rugby League

Here's a little about the game:

Rugby League is lightning-fast, full contact form of football. Not for the faint of heart, this brand of rugby ranks among the most physically demanding and punishing sports in the world. Rugby League emphasizes speed and momentum, using a Play-the-Ball system to keep matches fluid.

In Rugby League, powerful athletes are locked in combat for two 40-minute halves to accumulate more points than the adversary, utilizing on-the-fly strategy at breakneck speeds to avoid brutal defensive tackling. Grounding the ball in the opponent’s end earns a four-point ‘Try’ with the opportunity to kick for two extra points. Penalty kicks score two points while field goals are worth one point.

Read more about Australian Rugby League here:


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